Update on Rev. Briere

I regret not posting this sooner. I am ill, but I hope to be in the pulpit this Sunday, March 10. 

On Sunday February 24, in the late afternoon, I could not get warm. I got the shivers and the shakes. Could not control my body temperature. A hot shower and a nap under blankets helped, but then, I got a fever of 102. On Monday, aches and pains, no energy no appetite. 

These symptoms diminished over the next couple days, but on Tuesday, I noticed my right ankle was swollen. On Wednesday, it was swollen. And tender. And inflamed. I scored an appointment that afternoon with my physician. Initially he thought I might have a blood clot in my thigh, because it was tender, too. Ultrasound ruled that out, so he decided to treat for cellulitis.

Do not confuse cellulite with cellulitis. Cellulitis is dangerous if not treated. Look it up. 

So now I am recovering. It is uncomfortable to walk or to stand for a long time. But today, the swelling was noticeably improved and my skin feels flexible again. 

Thank you for your kind thoughts; I hope to see you soon.

Rev. Jeff Briere