What's Happening March 3 - March 9

Sunday, March 3

9:30AM Children's Religious Education - Children must be registered online. Classes this year are as follows:

Pre-K and 1st - Religious Education building, Joseph Priestly room

2nd thru 4th grade - Religious Education building, David Thoreau room

5th grade thru HS Senior - class WILL NOT BE HELD while OWL education is happening. This would be a wonderful opportunity to be a role model for the younger children in our congregation! 

9:30AM Adult RE 1 -  Ancient Civilizations of North America Meet in the Meditation Hall, 2nd floor of the Religious Education building. 

9:30AM  Adult RE 2 - This class is taking a hiatus and the OWL Parent class is being held in it’s place.

9:30AM Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education for 4th - 6th Grade.

11:00AM Worship Service: Five Warning Signs

Theologians and philosophers have long wondered at the human capacity for savagery in the name of God. No religion is exempt from the tendency to spawn violence in the name of its God.

Remember to bring Hunger in Your Neighborhood food donations!

12PM Fellowship Hour - Join us for coffee, snacks, and fellowship after the service.

1-3PM Vegan Cooking Class - Will Powell and Tiffany Sapp will offer this class where participants can learn a little bit about vegan lifestyle and cuisine and how to prepare it.

Monday, March 4

12PM Kitchen of Hope - Volunteers needed! KOH@hvuuc.org

Tuesday, March 5

5:15PM Yoga with Tish

Thursday, March 7

7PM Photography Covenant Group

Saturday, March 9

6PM Casual Game Night