Adult Religious Education

At 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings HVUUC has two Adult RE classes for you to choose from. Both classes enjoy a wide variety of topics throughout the church year. Classes are held in the Religious Education Zone (REZ), the building on the hill to the left of the sanctuary.

If you have questions regarding Adult RE, please contact our Director of Religious Education at

The REZ (Religious Education Zone)

The REZ (Religious Education Zone)

Adult RE I


Meditation Hall in the REZ (upstairs)

Ancient Civilizations of North America

The series has 24 lectures and begins with ancient migrations in to North America and moves on to explore the astounding accomplishments of the ancient North Americans before the arrival of Europeans.

Adult RE #1 usually meets even when other RE classes are cancelled.  If in doubt please email Betty Berry for confirmation:

Adult RE II

Emerson room in the REZ (second room on your right)

Ted Talk

Beginning May 2019

Join us as we watch and discuss a TED Talk. This class is fragrance free. Please refrain from lotions, sprays, perfume, etc. if attending this class.