Adult Religious Education

At 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings HVUUC has two Adult RE classes for you to choose from. Both classes enjoy a wide variety of topics throughout the church year. Classes are held in the Religious Education Zone (REZ), the building on the hill to the left of the sanctuary.

If you have questions regarding Adult RE, please contact our Director of Religious Education at

The REZ (Religious Education Zone)

The REZ (Religious Education Zone)

Adult RE I


Meditation Hall in the REZ (upstairs)

Native Americans of South America

On Sunday, August 25th we begin the first of 24 lectures on “Native Americans of South America”. This ties in with our study of early Native Americans of North America.

Adult RE #1 usually meets even when other RE classes are cancelled.  If in doubt please email Betty Berry for confirmation:

Adult RE II

Emerson room in the REZ (second room on your right)

Parents and Guardians As Spiritual Guides

September 8 through October 13, 2019

Adult RE 2 will be working through a 6 week session titled, Parents and Guardians As Spiritual Guides, which brings spiritual growth into the home, where the communion and rituals of family life can support the dynamic process of faith development.

Adult Our Whole Lives (OWL)

October 20, 2019 - January 26, 2020

OWL is the sexuality education opportunity most of us never had growing up. OWL Builds an understanding of healthy relationships, affirms diversity and helps participants accept and affirm their own sexuality throughout their lives.

If we received sex ed as kids it mostly involved anatomy and physiology and avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. But sexuality is far more than that. Sexuality also involves:

• Sensuality: Refers to how we feel about our bodies and how it responds to stimulation through all our senses. It includes skin hunger and is affected by body image.
• Intimacy: Refers to the experience of feeling emotionally close to another person and having those feelings of closeness returned. This can include family and friends as well as romantic or sexual interests. It involves liking, loving, trusting, being vulnerable, being trustworthy, reciprocity and power equity.
• Sexual Identity: Refers to how we perceive ourselves as sexual beings. This includes biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, gender roles, and sexual orientation. Our perception of any of these may change over the course of our lives.
• Sexualization: Refers to the use of sex or sexuality to influence, manipulate, control, or harm people. This includes objectification, gender stereotypes, offering, withholding, or requiring sexual activity, destructive media messages, and sexual violence and abuse.

In the Adult OWL class we will discuss sexuality in the context of personal values, communication, spirituality, various stages of relationships, diversity, family, healthy, and aging. We will take a compassionate approach, examining our sexual selves and understanding why people seek intimacy, and we will practice critical communication skills.

Offering OWL classes is a large commitment by the church due to the training, facilitators, and supplies needed. However, we want to ensure OWL is available to everyone. Because of this we offer a tiered tuition system (from free to $150/person) and ask participants to pay whatever they are able to help support this program.

Register and find more information at