REZ Game Library Turns One; M.I.A. Games

We’ve now had a board (and card) game library in the REZ for a whole year! Thanks entirely to donations we’ve built up a nice collection of free-to-borrow games for adults and kids of many different stripes. We’ve also had some games get borrowed with no record of who has them. Can you help?

Puzzled? More info about the board game library:

We want everyone to take advantage of this fun resource, and if interested attend one of our regular church game nights. See the church calendar for upcoming events or email for more information.

***Missing In Action***

The games below are currently on loan and not signed out. If you have one or more of these games please either add your information to the signout sheet in the REZ or return the game(s) asap.

If a game you’ve borrowed has been damaged or lost, please email with details so we can update the online library. Thanks!

* Apples to Apples
* Best Treehouse Ever
* Blokus
* Bomb squad academy
* Crazy Eights
* Dungeon Roll
* Forbidden Desert
* Forbidden Island
* Guesstures
* In a Pickle
* LEGO Champion
* Mancala 
* Molkky
* Quelf Jr.
* Rat a Tat Cat
* Richard Scarry’s Eye Found It (aka Busytown)
* Sequence for Kids
* Spot it / Dobble
* Twister

REZ = Religious Education Zone = Religious Education building = the building up the hill from the sanctuary