REZ Board Game Library

The board game library in the REZ lobby is free for all to use. You don’t need a library card, just take any game (and please sign it out on the clipboard).

The introductory rules are:

  • Take a game (one at a time, please, and sign it out on the clipboard)
  • Keep it as long as you want
  • Bring it back when you’re not using it anymore or want to take a new game
  • Have fun!

Questions and comments welcome:

Donate to the Library

Game donations are welcome anytime… just make sure they’re clean, intact and playable and leave them on the shelf. Details:

  • All donations will become property of the game group and may be removed permanently, so please don’t expect to get them back. Games may be removed without notice.
  • If you decide to "take back" a game you previously added please notify so the catalog can be updated.

And thank you for supporting the game library!

See the catalog

Note that games may be out on loan, but these games have been spotted at the library and may be available.

Use Cardboard Butler to filter and search the catalog by type of game, playtime, number of players, and more.