Request for Volunteers for Fellowship/Coffee Hour 2018-2019

It’s time again for signing up for the next fiscal year of Coffee Hour leaders.  We need 12 individuals who are willing to take responsibility for one month of coffee hour set-up and clean-up  (usually 3 Sundays because Potluck Sundays aren’t included). 

You would recruit your own volunteers and delegate as much as you prefer.   There are plenty of worker bees out there who are willing to help, but may have a fear of long-term commitment.  Those people can contact me too and I’ll compile a list for the leaders.  Training is enthusiastically provided.

Snack foods are available in the kitchen, but if you want to provide something else you can get reimbursed.

Right now, I mainly need to hear from 12 brave souls dedicated to providing the hospitality that is so important to our Fellowship Hour.  You can pick a month or let me know your availability if you’re willing to be assigned a month after others have chosen.

So far, all months are available:  June 2018 thru May 2019.

Thanks in advance!

Christine Barger