Community Thanksgiving Potluck Meal

Community Thanksgiving Potluck Meal and all around fun day!
On Thanksgiving Day - Meal starts at 1PM. 
At church main building and grounds. 
Outdoor games and activities during the day are encouraged, weather permitting. Bocce, Cornhole, Croquet... let's enjoy time together!

Sign up sheets for attendees and cleanup crew will be available on the counter at the back of the sanctuary starting this Sunday, the 11th. 

Sign up to bring a side, drink, or dessert of your choice.  If you'd rather contribute with cleanup instead of bringing a dish, that would work, too.  Also, consider bringing extra gladware/tupperware to tote possible leftovers home in.  Two turkeys, stuffing, and gravy are already spoken for. 

And while you are busy thinking of and submitting events and items for the November 17th Service Auction (less than 2 weeks away) - hint hint...  know that you can look forward to an enjoyable community event shortly thereafter to talk about auction and results!