White Supremacy Teach In

“It’s not about whether an individual person considers themselves a white supremacist. It’s about how we’re all influenced by the everyday messages we receive in our culture, by decisions that we make without even really thinking about it.”
- Sofia Betancourt, UUA Interim Co- President

Please join us with loving hearts and open minds on February 25, 2018 for our second White Supremacy Teach- In. Our first in the series saw over 60 participants engaging in deep, honest, and sometimes uncomfortable conversation. These sessions are facilitated independently and do not require participation in previously held sessions. Please come as you are able!

To date, over 600 Unitarian Universalist Churches have participated in this event created by BLUU, the Black Lives Of Unitarian Universalism. 
This is a collaborative project with an intention to recognize the white supremacist system that our culture operates within, and will give us guidance on how each one of us can help to dismantle it.

There will be light refreshments and child care will be offered.