Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 7PM

       Chalice lighting    
        Check in    
        Select time-keeper    
Old Business
     5 min    January minutes approval    
     5 min    Treasurer Monthly Report    
     5 min    Stewardship – Update    
     5 min    Developmental Ministry Evaluation – update    
     10 min   Church endorsement for specific events through a congregational vote?    
     15 min   Replacement for Margi    
     10 min   cookie break    
      5 min    Church security – update    
      5 min    Policy updates    
New Business
    15 min   Anonymous donation    
    10 min   Music Director position to be vacant    
      5 min   Other New business    
        Check out    
        Extinguish chalice  

David Kashdan
President, HVUUC Board of Trustees