Mountain Summit at The Mountain Retreat Center

The Mountain Summit focus group is being hosted at The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center September 6-8, 2019. Two representatives from each church are being requested. The ideal candidates will have previous experience with programs at The Mountain.

The purpose of this Mountain Summit is to talk about our guest services, sleeping accommodations, and meeting spaces. We are seeking ideas and opinions, so that we can identify the positive aspects of The Mountain, as well as those in need of improvement. This will help us focus our money and efforts accordingly and to determine the potential for additional housing and meeting facilities as we move forward.

The ideal Mountain Summit candidates are people who those with some experience with Mountain programs, an eye for detail, solution-centered thinkers, and willing participants able to physically move around The Mountain. We will likely be forming an ad hoc committee as a result of this work, but no further commitment is expected of participants after the Summit ends.

For convenience, we are hosting the Mountain Summit concurrently with the Braving Space program, which may also be of interest and benefit to those in your congregation. This program is co-sponsored by The Mountain and the Southern Region, and will be facilitated by UUA and Southern Regional Leaders, Kathy McGowan and Connie Goodbread. Braving Space is designed for teams of congregation leaders, and focuses on developing their ability to delve more deeply into challenging topics and conversations with greater confidence.

Our schedule for both programs begins on Friday night, September 6th, with social hour followed by dinner and ending after the Sunday morning service.

Contact the church office if you are interested in the Mountain Summit!

If you want to register for the Braving Space program, here is the link.