Bring A Mug to Church Tomorrow

Mugs and Memories

You're invited to bring a special mug that sparks a story with you to church tomorrow. During Coffee Hour, while you're mingling and enjoying snacks, you're invited to share a story about your mug with other congregants one-on-one, or in small groups. Just think of the mugs as conversation starters. Nothing overly organized and no microphones. Ha! Maybe you want to share how you got the mug or where you were when you got it. Maybe it was a gift from your grandmother or reminds you of your favorite destination, trip or sports team. If another person’s mug sparks interest with you, inquire about it.

This is intended to be a fun exercise and you are not required to bring a special mug or share a story in order to enjoy Coffee Hour. If nothing else, maybe we'll get to see some unique mugs. Mugs will be available for those that forget. You're still welcome to share a story. Someone will be available to clean your mug and return it right away, if you wish.

Telling stories is as basic to human beings as eating. More so, in fact, for while food makes us live, stories are what make our lives worth living. - Richard Kearney