Climate Change: What's Faith Got to do with It?

Tuesday, February 26 from 6:30PM-8:30PM at the Millennium Center room 137b, across the street from ETSU

Peterson Toscano is a performance artist and biblical scholar who playfully explores the serious worlds of gender, religion, and Climate Change.

What is your role on a new planet?

Enough with the gloom and doom! People are hungry for new ways of looking at climate change. Peterson Toscano provides a lively, insightful, and at times hilarious presentation that helps his audiences wrap their heads and hearts around global warming.

This is NOT your normal climate change presentation.

Filled with hope and honesty, Peterson’s audiences open up as they consider their roles on a new planet. His personal approach along with his expert use of storytelling opens up a space to imagine a better future and our possible roles in it.

Join us to hear what Peterson has to say about faith and climate change. Panel discussion by representatives of various faith communities to follow.

Light refreshments served and Free Parking in Parking Garage

Peter Toscano website

Tuesday night is a free event, there is also a paid event at ETSU on Thursday night, link here