Musically Talented Professionals Needed

Musically Talented Professionals Needed

Announcing openings for our church’s music program (see below for a description of our church).  We have several functions that need to be performed and will probably divide these among staff plus church volunteers, depending on the skills of the applicants.  We have many musically talented members, but key skills needed are as follows:

Piano Accompanists:  

Fifty-two Sundays plus funerals and special events require a pianist; some rehearsals for event choir and ensembles are scheduled as well.  This need could be filled by several pianists on a rotation, or rely on one principal pianist plus back-up.  This is an immediate need.

Choir Director:

We need someone to work with the larger event choir (perhaps 3 performances annually), small weekly ensembles, children’s choir, and the Sunday service hymn choir (though the latter is often led by the pianist).  This is an important growth area for the church.

Music Program Director:

This position provides long-term vision to the music program, maintains the pianos, hymnals, music library, and budget, and does some programming, scheduling, and coordination of performances by members and local musicians.  Parts of this role are currently filled by volunteers from the membership.

Expressions of interest should be addressed to  

The Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church ( has about 200 congregants who meet Sunday mornings near Gray, TN. We are a non-creedal faith, which means there is no confession of faith required; instead, members are encouraged to adhere to seven principles and to develop their faith as their conscience dictates. Our teachings are based on the Judeo-Christian tradition, but we also draw on learnings from other faiths and secular sources such as science and history.  We are socially active, supporting various programs in the Tri-Cities and globally that help feed the hungry and house the poor. Unitarian Universalists like to say, “We need not think alike to love alike,” and so we welcome people from all religious backgrounds, races and sexual orientations and identities to attend our church.  We use hymnals published by the Unitarian Universalist Association, which contain many songs shared by hymnals of main-line Christian faiths.  We also use secular music in our service, as appropriate.