WETS Fund Drive

If you listen to WETS-FM, you have most likely heard our underwriting announcements that have been running. They will be continuing through the Fall. We weren't able to pay for as many spots as in past years, but we have several months of underwriting this year because we bundled donations from members and friends of the church who normally donate to WETS. Thank you so much to all you participated last fall and spring!

If you usually donate to WETS or plan on donating this year, consider allowing your donation to help HVUUC also. We can continue to be an underwriter for programming which allows us to get our message out in the community. WETS gets 100% of the money, you still get the tax benefits, and the church gets its name out in the community. You can help 2 great organizations!

If you would like to bundle your donation, place your check in the Sunday offering bowl or mail to the church and make sure you designate that this is a WETS donation by writing on the memo line.

Contact Ann L. (wets@hvuuc.org) if you have any questions.

Church mailing address:
PO Box 8383
Gray, TN 37615