Volunteer at Homeless Family Program

Please consider helping on Monday January 29. We need two cooks, a food shopper and a male and female overnighter.  Church volunteer families with kids are very welcome. The food shopper needs to deliver the food to Hopwood by 5pm and the cooks will be on the job between 5pm and 7pm. (the meal is served at 6pm.) Two volunteers spend the night in the church in case an emergency arises. Their cots are in the two private offices of the minister and the youth director of Hopwood. 

We have been doing this for many years and we have a well documented routine. I'll send you a shopping list and food preparation instructions for our regular taco menu. The Family Promise staff lets us know exactly how many families will be there, the ages of children and any food allergies. -  an edited version of the professional communication is attached below. 

Dave C.  
423-863-3907 - phone or text (text preferred)

Below is a note from Family Promise about the guests in the program now. I send this along so that everybody can see what a dynamic and committed program Family Promise is. 
The first family consists of mom and her three children - daughter  5,   4, and 1 month old son. This family will be moving very soon, and they may already be moved out by next week.  I will keep you updated.

The second family is single dad and his eight year old daughter. 

The third family is parents and their children girl age 4, boy age 2, and a brand new baby. They also have an older daughter who is 7, who will be with them some weekends.  

We have moved several families in the past two weeks and have some room for new families, so our week with you may well change. I will let you know of any changes as soon as possible.