Social Justice December Project

The social justice committee will be collecting items for Safe House on December 10th. We will be outside in front of the church building just before worship. Please bring donations at that time. 
Safe House is a temporary shelter in Kingsport for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.  The women, and often their children, have to leave their living arrangements so quickly that sometimes all they have are the clothes they are wearing or what they can put into a small suitcase.  The women and their children are taken to the Safe House by local law enforcement officers so their location can remain safe and secure.  Safe House staff provide counseling opportunities if it's requested to help the women and their children develop healthy skills to deal with situations of violence if they occur again, and to learn ways to cope with the traumas they have endured.   Staff also help them find employment or housing if they need it as well as legal services.   Anything donated is appreciated.  If you have other questions about Safe House, contact Dottie Blades.

shampoo and conditioner
feminine hygiene products
disposable razors
nail polish, emery boards
toothbrushes and toothpaste (adult and children)
women's socks and underwear (any size)
toilet paper
paper towels