Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting Agenda

Opening (15 min)   
Chalice lighting   
Check in   
Select time-keeper  
Old Business (43 min)  
5 min    September minutes approval   

5 min     Treasurer highlights   
5 min     Update on Auction   
5 min     Update:  Feedback on OWL training at HVUUC   
3 min     Update: New phone, internet service   

10 min   Policy updates   
10 min    cookie break   
New Business (55 min)   
40 min    A candidate has asked to be a Ministerial Intern at HVUUC.  Jeff will provide overview.   

1.     Value of having an Intern
2.     Cost
3.     Funding
4.     Priority for HVUUC vs. other projects
5.     Communication to congregation
6.     Define a path forward

10 min   In light of recent church violence in Texas, summarize security efforts in other churches.     
5 min     Other New business  

Closing (10 min)   
Check out   
Extinguish chalice