2017 Auction Wrap Up

Our 2017 Auction was a rousing success! Thank you to the huge number of participants for making it happen -  donors, bidders, and volunteers the night of auction.

At time of this writing, the auction has raised $15,500! This is amazing, thank you!

Some housekeeping after the auction:  

a) If you won something and haven't settled the account yet and need an invoice, write to Auction@hvuuc.org and your invoice will be sent to you. You can pay by cash, paypal, or check (made out to HVUUC, note 2017 Auction). Volunteer Service hours are also an option.
You can read more about this and get answers to other post-auction questions on our Auction FAQ page

b) There are a few events which still have one or more seats available for purchase, first-come-first-served. 2017 Service Auction

c) Winners and Donors of events: during the week, you have and will be getting emails about the event or service which include the date (if applicable), the catalog description, and who won, and how many seats each won to that event.

NOTE bout the emails: Many bidders are registered as a  couple or family, and the list in your Donor/Winner email simply shows the names as they are registered, e.g. "Kim and Mark R." It is the NUMBER next to the names that show you how many seats were won by that couple. If the list shows two names, and one seat won, that couple will know who bought and will attend the event.