Auction Night Volunteers Needed

Volunteers make the Auction happen! 

The night of the auction, November 11th, is an event that occurs only because of so many hands coming together to "make it happen". Every year it is an amazing fête and it feels great to be a part of something so big to the life of the church. 

All the tasks that have a description and tips which will be sent to you, so you don't have to 'invent' anything. If you have questions about any of the tasks, don't hesitate to ask auction@hvuuc.og

  • Volunteer Coordinator - Rosemary K.
  • Silent Auction team  - Martha R., Christine B., Freda L., Meg D.
  • Childcare Coordinator - Cindi H.
  • Food and Setup Coordination - Karyn C.
  • Auctioneer - Jennifer M. 
  • Intake Registration (2) - Peggy P.
  • Sound board for Podium
  • Data Entry (Excel) Main - Cindi H.
  • Data Entry (Excel) Silent - Sandy P., Rosemary K. 
  • Bid Runner 1st Half(2) (easy, o.k. for one of our young members - must have clear penmanship)
  • Bid Runner 2nd half (2) - Phyllis C., Deby D.
  • Proxy Bidder (2-3) (you get to spend someone else's money!)  William K., Jesse H.
  • Table Checkout helper:     Bryan K. 
  • Table Checkout helper:     George C. 
  • Table Checkout helper $change:  Gerald K. 
  • Door prize Organizer - secures door prize items and makes it happen auction night:     Dottie and Judy