Soapbox Sunday

In opening the floor to speakers, the congregation is celebrating an American tradition - freedom of speech - and putting into practice two principles set forth by the Unitarian Universalist Association: • We are seekers of truth and wisdom. We believe in the inherent worth of all people and we honor each person and their right to speak. • We're an evolving religion and always on a search for our own truths.

Hospitality: A Core Virtue and Spiritual Practice

Unitarian Universalists draw upon all of the major faith traditions for philosophy and inspiration. Each of the traditions speak of hospitality. This talk explores what is meant by hospitality as a spiritual practice including the Rule of Benedict which encourages radical hospitality that welcomes all people, without exception and especially those of any oppressed group.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Joke

Michelle Treece has lived in Northeast Tennessee all of her life and has been involved in our community, working to make a difference every single day. Michelle did this through her work at Science Hill High School as well as at Topper Academy, formerly known as the Alternative Center, in Johnson City.  After retiring from the Johnson City School System in the fall of 2016, Michelle has dedicated her time to serving her community, promoting diversity and inclusion, and making sure that people of color not only have a voice but hold seats at all levels of government. During the Women’s March 2.0 Tri-Cities, she told everyone as she announced her candidacy for the Johnson City Schools Board of Education that it was time to, “step up and step out.”  Most recently she has facilitated the White Supremacy Teach In here at our church.