Justice Overview

HVUUC stands on the side of love, with interests and initiatives in:

Volunteers at the Kitchen of Hope in Kingsport   

Volunteers at the Kitchen of Hope in Kingsport


  • LGBTQ justice and equality

  • Promoting respect and inclusion/Religious and civil liberties/Racial and cultural justice

  • Immigrant justice and rights

  • Economic justice

  • Environmental justice

  • Peace and international justice

  • Reproductive justice

Congregant-Led Initiatives

Social justice at HVUUC is congregant-led. The congregation developed several criteria for vetting successful social justice initiatives, including:

  • Keeping projects local and manageable so we can see their impact and the difference we can make.

  • Working with established organizations so we don’t reinvent the wheel.

  • Making the project ongoing.

All social justice initiatives needn’t meet these criteria, but most successful initiatives do. In addition, we would like to ensure that we:

  • Utilize the wide variety of gifts and talents of our congregation to maximize involvement.

  • Take in to account our geographically dispersed congregation so opportunities and service are not so distant as to discourage participation.

  • Encourage multigenerational involvement.

  • Include educational components so we build crucial skills, learn more about those we serve, and understand better what remedies might be effective.

Social Justice Committee

The social justice committee supports initiatives and their leaders, helps publicize the initiatives, provides educational opportunities about social justice issues for congregants, connects people with others who have similar concerns and interests, and encourages congregants to develop initiatives that are meaningful to them.  The social justice committee does not choose or facilitate all the social justice initiatives.

Please contact the social justice committee chair at SocialJustice@hvuuc.org if you are interested in developing a social justice initiative or serving on the committee.

The committee partially funds some social justice initiatives through the fifth Sunday offerings.