HVUUC Church

Our Vision Statement

We work together as a church to transform ourselves,
our community, and our world by sharing love,
pursuing justice, and seeking wonder.

HVUUC Church

Mission Statement

The mission of Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist
Church is to promote spiritual growth, religious
freedom, and ethical action.

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Holston Valley UU is a congregation that gathers in the spirit of 16th century Unitarian minister, Frances David, who wrote: “We need not think alike to love alike.” We embrace diversity within the congregation’s membership and in theology. We are committed to the spiritual development and well being of our young people, as well as our adults. We provide a religious education program based on experiential learning, ethical living, and drawing from all of the world's religions as sources of wisdom. We are committed to being a vital and growing progressive congregation within our larger community.

We hope you will visit our church. Our worship services are at 11:00am; children’s and adult's religious education classes are both before the service at 9:30am. I am in the pulpit three Sunday’s a month, and other Sundays guest speakers or members of the congregation lead the service, yielding diversity in the worship services.


Our UU Revival

Members of the Congregation

Join us for a lively, intense, personal, fun, uplifting, hearty, honest, whimsical UU revival where we will celebrate our new vision and recommit to the work we do together as a church. This service is full to the brim with great music, movement, and deeply honest words and will run a little longer than our usual. Just relax and groove to the music--the journey is our destination.


Luther Went Viral and Everything Changed

Reverend Luck

Popular legend holds that friar, Martin Luther posted his 95 theses and initiated a reformation of The Church resulting in Protestant Christianity on October 31, 1517. Luther's message went viral and had an impact he never intended.






The Seasons of Relationships

Reverend Luck

Life has its seasons, as do relationships. Most of us are not as aware of the seasons of our lives as we live them, but in hindsight they are clearer. Perhaps hindsight is the foundation of the wisdom we are supposed to gain as we mature. I will share some personal reflections.







New Covenant Groups Starting in September

Our Covenant Groups provide an opportunity to develop friendships, a greater sense of community, and to explore spiritual meaning with others in a small group setting.  A thorough description of Covenant Groups / Small Group Ministry at HVUUC ...

Circle Suppers October 9th and 10th

Circle suppers are small dinner parties held at people’s homes.   There is no agenda to a circle supper, they are purely for fellowship.  The host will typically make the main dish and all the guests will bring the side dishes.  You can sign u ...

UU Game Group

Join us on the second Saturday each month to play board games (not the boring ones). All are welcome: the event is very family friendly (no age minimum), and we're there to have fun and maybe be a little competitive. Location information and u ...

Monthly 2nd Sunday Potluck Lunch
Bring a dish to share and join us after the Sunday service for our monthly potluck lunch in the Fellowship Hall.
Mystery Night

Mystery Night (Halloween Party and fundraiser for Ministerial Stuff) will be Saturday October 17th, 7-9PM.  Potluck snacks and BYO Beverage.