HVUUC Church

Our Vision Statement

We work together as a church to transform ourselves,
our community, and our world by sharing love,
pursuing justice, and seeking wonder.

HVUUC Church

Mission Statement

The mission of Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist
Church is to promote spiritual growth, religious
freedom, and ethical action.

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Holston Valley UU is a congregation that gathers in the spirit of 16th century Unitarian minister, Frances David, who wrote: “We need not think alike to love alike.” We embrace diversity within the congregation’s membership and in theology. We are committed to the spiritual development and well being of our young people, as well as our adults. We provide a religious education program based on experiential learning, ethical living, and drawing from all of the world's religions as sources of wisdom. We are committed to being a vital and growing progressive congregation within our larger community.

We hope you will visit our church. Our worship services are at 11:00am; children’s and adult's religious education classes are both before the service at 9:30am. I am in the pulpit three Sunday’s a month, and other Sundays guest speakers or members of the congregation lead the service, yielding diversity in the worship services.


The Qu’ran
Dr. Leila Al-Imad

Dr. Leila Al-Imad is a professor of history at East Tennessee State University. She is originally from Lebanon, and specializes in the history of the Middle East and of Islam. This fall she is teaching a class on the Qu’ran, which is the topic she is bringing to HVUUC’s pulpit. Leila is fluent in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Persian.
Festivals of Light

This don't-miss event is a beloved congregational tradition that celebrates the symbol of light as hope in religions around the world. It is the most festive celebration of our church year and features special music and the active participation of our youth.  A special collection will be taken for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund used by the minister for confidential pastoral care and fulfilling HVUUC’s mission.



Green Arts Fair

Sunday December 6th is our annual Green Arts Festival. All sorts of handmade arts, crafts, and baked goods will be available.  Avoid the mall and do your holiday shopping here at church!  10% of the proceeds from the items sold go to enhancing ...