HVUUC Church

Our Vision Statement

We work together as a church to transform ourselves,
our community, and our world by sharing love,
pursuing justice, and seeking wonder.

HVUUC Church

Mission Statement

The mission of Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist
Church is to promote spiritual growth, religious
freedom, and ethical action.

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Holston Valley UU is a congregation that gathers in the spirit of 16th century Unitarian minister, Frances David, who wrote: “We need not think alike to love alike.” We embrace diversity within the congregation’s membership and in theology. We are committed to the spiritual development and well being of our young people, as well as our adults. We provide a religious education program based on experiential learning, ethical living, and drawing from all of the world's religions as sources of wisdom. We are committed to being a vital and growing progressive congregation within our larger community.

We hope you will visit our church. Our worship services are at 11:00am; children’s and adult's religious education classes are both before the service at 9:30am. I am in the pulpit three Sunday’s a month, and other Sundays guest speakers or members of the congregation lead the service, yielding diversity in the worship services.


Kind AND Honest: Walking the Ethical Tightrope

Bill Kirkwood

We’ll reflect on the challenges of observing both values, not either/or, in our personal relationships.


Doing Justice Every Day

David Kashdan

David illustrates issues of justice in everyday organizations and institutions (job, social and religious organizations, etc) using examples from the workplace, illuminated by his many years of experience as a manager required to make difficult choices that profoundly affect the lives of others.



The Interconnection of Peace, Justice and Sustainability

Gerald Keep

This is about finding meaning in life, and committing one's life energies to something bigger than oneself. 

There will be a workshop to follow the service.





Circle Suppers July 10th & 11th

Circle suppers are small dinner parties held at people’s homes.   There is no agenda to a circle supper, they are purely for fellowship.  The host will typically make the main dish and all the guests will bring the side dishes.  You can sign u ...

Women's Group

Join us for Women’s Group on Friday July 10th at 6:30PM at Deb Helmer's home in Kingsport. Bring the usual snack and or beverage to share and a lawn chair.  womensgroup@hvuuc.org

Stewardship Vision and Planning, Brainstorm & Workshop

Sunday, July 26 12:30-2:00, in the sanctuary after the service, which is titled "People, Purpose, Passion, and Power" about finding commitment in your life.


Hi, I'm Dr. Gerald Keep, most recently known for my bass voice in th ...