Hunger In Our Neighborhood

We collect food donations each Sunday at the beginning of the service. You can also now donate pet food. Donations will be shared between the Jonesborough Food Bank, Hunger First in Kingsport, and our own food pantry. We have a theme each month, but the themes are for fun....not rules! Feel free to bring any food items you wish.

January - potatoes (canned or whole), potato flakes, potato soup
February - cereal and breakfast items
March - vegan and gluten free items
April - peanut butter and protein
May - favorite food month
June - fruits and juices
July - greens and vegetables (canned or fresh)
August - breads and bread mixes
September - peanut butter and protein (one of the top things food pantries request)
October - powdered or canned milk
November - flour, sugar and baking items
December - healthy  snack foods - i.e., raisins, salsa, granola bars