Holston Valley Sangha

Holston Valley Sangha meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11am.    

Western Buddhist

The nonsectarian Western Buddhist path seeks to study contemporary Buddhist literature, as well as traditional writings, so that each individual may discover the way to free the mind from suffering. Our sessions include Dharma study and discussion using materials agreed upon by participants as our facilitators consider everyone’s input. Group meditation is an integral element of each session. We hope to encourage the practice of mindfulness, the development of compassion, and the attainment of the liberating wisdom of non-attachment.

At the present time the incredible richness and accessibility of Buddhist teachings provide a clear and welcoming invitation to awaken and liberate the heart and mind from suffering. In his book, One Dharma, Joseph Goldstein articulates the unique opportunity that Western Buddhism provides: “Siddhartha Gautama set in motion the great Wheel of the dharma more than twenty-five hundred years ago. It has rolled across continents and oceans, touching the lives of countless beings. Each culture has expressed the Dharma in its own language and idiom, emphasizing those methods that worked to free the mind from suffering. Now as different traditions come together in the West, the unique opportunity arises to learn from them all and to practice the One Dharma of freedom.”  sangha@hvuuc.org