Hogwarts School of Magic and Fun

July 9-13, 2018 at Holston Valley UU Church

Registration is now full!


Camp is available to witches and wizards ages 5 (and fully potty trained) up to age 12. Witches and Wizards age 13 - 15 will be considered Prefects and will assist their Heads of House and will not be charged for camp.

Ages 5 - 12 Paid Campers 

Ages 13-15 Prefects (will serve as assistants and do not pay)

Hogwarts Camp 9AM-3PM - Cost $120/week per child

Hogwarts Camp plus Extended AM Care 7AM-3PM - Cost $170/week per child

Hogwarts Camp plus Extended PM Care 9AM-5:30PM - Cost $170/week per child

Hogwarts Camp, plus Extended AM and PM Care 7AM- 5:30PM - Cost $200/week per child (this is a $20 discount for the week)

Are you anxious to volunteer as a Professor? We need FUN LOVING adults, who are willing to teach herbology, defense against the dark arts, care of magical creatures, or Quidditch to our young witches and wizards. I must warn you, there is a House Cup involved, so there is much at stake! Email Sarah at DRE@hvuuc.org