Hogwarts School of Magic and Fun

July 9-13, 2018 at Holston Valley UU Church


Camp is available to witches and wizards ages 5 (and fully potty trained) up to age 12. Witches and Wizards age 13 - 15 will be considered Prefects and will assist their Heads of House and will not be charged for camp.

Ages 5 - 12 Paid Campers 

Ages 13-15 Prefects (will serve as assistants and do not pay)

Hogwarts Camp 9AM-3PM - Cost $120/week per child

Hogwarts Camp plus Extended AM Care 7AM-3PM - Cost $170/week per child

Hogwarts Camp plus Extended PM Care 9AM-5:30PM - Cost $170/week per child

Hogwarts Camp, plus Extended AM and PM Care 7AM- 5:30PM - Cost $200/week per child (this is a $20 discount for the week)

Are you anxious to volunteer as a Professor? We need FUN LOVING adults, who are willing to teach herbology, defense against the dark arts, care of magical creatures, or Quidditch to our young witches and wizards. I must warn you, there is a House Cup involved, so there is much at stake! Email Sarah at DRE@hvuuc.org

Registration is open for all in the community. You will receive a receipt confirming registration via e-mail. Please select camp and any extended care you will need. Payment must be made by check at the time of registration. Make check payable to HVUUC and mail to PO Box 8383, Gray, TN 37615.
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One t-shirt is provided as part of the camp fee for the student. You may order an additional t-shirt for parents/siblings for $15 each)
Please list ALL FOOD ALLERGIES (and the severity of the allergies)
By typing my name as an electronic signature, I represent that I am the parent/guardian of the child named in this registration. I grant permission for my child to participate in Hogwarts Summer Camp July 9-13, 2018 at the Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. You may use photos of my child on the web and in print to promote Hogwarts Camp and Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. I agree and hereby do release and hold harmless all adult supervisors, from and for any and all liability which may arise for damages, loss or injuries, either to person or property, which my son/daughter may sustain while engaged in the activity conducted. I further agree to assume responsibility for any liability which may arise for damages, loss or injuries which may be caused by my son/daughter to the person or property of others. Should any injury occur, I grant permission for my son/daughter to receive treatment from an appropriate health care provider when the need for such treatment is immediate and when efforts to contact me (us) are unsuccessful. I also agree to pay and be responsible for all medical, hospital or other expenses which Holston Valley Unitarian Universalist Church or any/all supervisors may incur a a result of securing treatment.