2018 Service Auction November 17th

Silent Auction begins at 5:30PM   Live Auction at 6:30PM

Submitting and viewing items will be done this year on our new auction website

The basic idea: a big party Saturday night for everyone, at which we all have a grand time: noshing on finger foods, mingling, ogling donations, laughing, and enjoying the evening. Amidst this merriment, we hold a silent and live auction where we sell the services donated by our peers. The money raised benefits the church.  Childcare will be available from 5:30-10PM.

Not just a fundraiser, this is a great community-building experience that lasts the whole year.

Throughout the year there is continued fellowship and building of friendships via the hosting and attending of the auctioned services.

What Should I Donate?

Some services people have donated in the past that continue to be popular: Dinners! Game Nights! Lunch and brunch! Lake outings! Picnics! Tea Parties! Cooking Class! Handyman service... the ideas are endless.

Need an idea? Check out 2017 Auction Catalog

If money is tight, there are still ways to participate:

  • Volunteer to help with one of the Saturday night tasks.

  • Donate a simple service that costs you little to nothing: e.g. several hours of yard work, a game night with simple snacks, or co-host a soup and movie night with a friend! It doesn't have to be fancy or budget-busting, and you get the fun of the group event that was won at auction.

Auction Donation FAQ

Thank you in advance for supporting Holston Valley Unitarian Church by offering donations and soliciting donations for the auction! Your time and energy will have big payoffs in supporting this great community.

How do I get my physical donation to the auction in time?

If the item is larger (anything larger than a certificate), please hold on to it and bring it to the auction site the afternoon of the auction. Helpers will place it on the tables and label it with a bid sheet, or it will go into the live auction.

If you cannot attend or know you can't arrive by the start time, you can bring it to church the Sunday service prior to the auction. Make sure the item has a note on it indicating it is for the Service Auction and your name as the donor, as this will allow the team to best display it the night of the auction.

What if I just can't attend, but want to bid on some items?

While we really hope you all will attend, because it is just a lot of fun, we understand there may be a scheduling conflict. You can bid by proxy. We will have several proxy volunteers who will attend and bid on your behalf.

You must contact the Auction coordinator, Rosemary K., by or before Saturday November 17th, 10 a.m. with your wish list and maximum bid. The amount will be kept confidential to the proxy bidder only, and that proxy bidder will attempt to win the item for you at the best bid price for you. If the bidding goes up higher than your maximum, you won't win the item, but of course, you might just be the lucky bidder.

If I bid and win, but am not there or have to leave, what happens?

We will send an email invoice indicating how much you won and the total owed.

If you bid on an item, you make a commitment to paying for that item or service.

We can arrange to hold a physical item for you until the next day (Sunday) or following Sunday for you to pick up.

How will I pay?

Cash or checks made out to HVUUC.  We can also except Paypal.

It is an advertised Stewardship policy, enthusiastically supported by the Board of Trustees, that in order to be inclusive, we are accepting volunteer labor in place of cash, at $20/hour, for all the fundraiser events this year.  Bid during the auction just like you normally would bid knowing that for every $20 you spend, you’ll be fulfilling the commitment via volunteer hours in 2018 and 2019. When you get your receipt, indicate you’ll pay later via IOU. The helpers printing your receipt don’t know service hour status vs. later payment, so don’t worry about privacy.  

Folks paying with labor IOU's will have their name passed to the Membership Trustee or Stewardship to work out arrangements and/or be on the volunteer call list.  

What kind of donations do we want? Where can we get them?

Social events sell well! Think of donating a dinner for 4 or 8, a karaoke party, a barbecue, a wine tasting, game night...almost anything will work. You get a fun evening out of it, you get to meet a bunch of new and old friends, and money is raised for the organization. Just think: a $25 gift certificate from a restaurant is great, but if you give a dinner for 4 and it sells for $25 apiece, you’ve quadrupled the benefit.

Is there something you love to do? Hike to see wildflowers? Go to the museum? See a concert? Invite others to do it with you—and sell it as an auction item.

If you donate a tangible item, make sure it’s a NEW item. If you have a used (previously owned) item that you think would be a good donation, please ask one of the auction committee people before donating it. The rule of thumb should be that if you can picture the item in a rummage sale, it’s probably not appropriate for the auction.

If you are comfortable with the idea: go to businesses that you frequent and ask for a gift certificate or other appropriate item. A great way to approach it is to say that you want to help spread the news about their business. See the “solicitation script” below if you want some help figuring out what to say.

It’s fine to accept lower-value items (less than $25). We will even accept “buy-one-get- one-free” certificates, certificates for very small items and other similar items.

What kind of paperwork do we need for donations?

Please fill out or have the donor fill out a donation form for EACH donation—don’t put more than one on a single form. The form is now available online, see the OPEN FORM button in this page.

Fill out the form COMPLETELY. Email (and physical addresses for any business) are important.

Informal emails indicating auction donations are fine too, though you still want to offer as complete information as possible for the sanity of the Auction team.

How will you price the items that are sold?

We will take the value you indicate into consideration, but may set the minimum bid a bit lower to get bidding started on the item.

What should I do with a donation once I have it?

If the item is larger (anything larger than a certificate), please hold on to it and bring it to the auction site the afternoon of the auction. Helpers will place it on the tables and label it with a bid sheet, or it will go into the live auction.

What happens if my item doesn’t sell?

The donation form includes a place for you to enter the value of the item. This should be a fair market price.

If your item was donated by you personally, you have the option of taking it back if you want.

All items that are not sold can be taken back by the donor.

How do I find out what I won or who won my auction items?

Winners will be provided with a reminder of any social and service winnings and host info. Hosts will be notified of the winners of their social events and services. Information about items that sold in the service auction will be available on the website in the member section and information about items that sold in the silent auction can be provided by contacting the church secretary at 423-477-7661 or office@hvuuc.org.

Solicitation Script:

Hi! I’m [you] and I am a member of Holst0n Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Gray. On November 17th, we’re holding an auction as our major fundraiser for the year. Would you be willing to make a donation of goods or services to the auction? It would be a good way to advertise your company! This event will be attended by and advertised to many from all over the tri-cities area. We’d be sure to thank you very publicly for your donation by displaying promotional materials and including you in our auction catalog.

Questions? Contact the Auction Coordinator auction@hvuuc.org

Information last updated 10/19/2018